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What is Hijama?

Hijama is a blood detoxification process involving suction cups and blood letting via small incisions to the outermost layer of the skin.Hijama is next to painless, although hard to believe, you will only feel a light scratching sensation. The reason behind this is the following: When the cups are applied under negative pressure, the skin under the pressure gathers all inflammatory cells and your body’s natural pain killer chemicals, so when the cuts are applied in the same area again, there is very less pain sensation.

Is Hijama safe?

Hijama is very safe, the cuts applied to the skin are small and very superficial. The points for Hijama avoid all dangerous areas under major blood vessels and other unsafe anatomical locations. That is why its always best to consult a professional for Hijama.Benefits of hijama are endless. From A-Z there are diseases that hijama is good for but the most common of them all are joint and muscle pain, migraine headaches, general blood detoxification, muscle stiffness.

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